Marine Elements Ultra Soothing Face Mask 50ml

The Marine Elements Ultra Soothing Face Mask provides deep hydration, which soothes the skin giving it firmness. Its formula is enriched with precious marine ingredients and tetrapeptides to effectively reduce redness and skin sensitivity.

Our active ingredients are designed for dry and irritable skin:
• reduce redness after 30 minutes *
• moisturize as soon as they are absorbed and for 24 hours **

What does it contain?
More than 95% natural ingredients. Sea Chamomile ( Tripleurospermum Maritimum ), Green Algae ( Algina ). Enriched with: Licorice, Bisabolol, Vitis Vinifera, Peptide, Arnica Montana, Horse Chestnut
*. Significant improvement in redness and irritability after 30 min of application with Tripleurospermum Maritimum.
**. Significant decrease in transepidermal water loss (TEWL) in the presence of Salvia Sclarea.

Made in Hungary.
Product expiry date: SEPTEMBER 2023