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At Ecobrands Health And Beauty Store, we bring you the most effective and advanced products from around the world to support your optimal health and wellness goals.

Marine Elements

  • 2-in-1 Hydrogen Water Bottle (240ml, 3000ppb)

    Simply press the switch to produce hydrogen water with a concentration of 3000 ppb in 5 minutes. Can be used directly in a glass of water or with regular bottled mineral water

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  • Dr Sam's Cracked Heel Repair Cream (50ml)

    Rich of Colostrum which effectively repairs cells & enhances metabolism. Deeply moisturizes and replenishes nutrients as well as experience a non-greasy feeling during application

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  • ZapperClick Mosquito Bite Reliever

    Zap! Don't Scratch! Relieves itching fast! What you need to do is just click & apply on your mosquito bit 5-10 times, it helps to relieve the itch on your mosquito bites.

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Washing hands is a vital part of our daily lives to prevent the spread of respiratory and diarrheal infections. Germs can spread from person to person or from surfaces to people.

Dermax brings you gentle and effective cleansing with the following benefits:
- Non-irritating and non-drying.
- Non-medicated. Colourant & fragrance-free.
- Suitable for dry & sensitive skin, chapped hands.

  • Mandy Yang

    DERMAX Hand Wash leaves my hands feeling clean and refreshed, yet without any dryness. It is very gentle on my skin, and I appreciate that it is made with skin-friendly ingredients.

  • Michelle Cheung

    Love this Marine Elements Gentle Face Cleanser! I use it on its own and sometimes after an oil based cleanser. It really cleans dirt and spf without drying or causing redness. Also, I have not detected any scent or dye.

  • Kelvin Wong

    I'm here to say the ZapperClick Mosquito Bite Reliever works amazingly well! My girlfriend took a trip to Thailand and everybody there was using this. We bought one as soon as she got back because I’m constantly getting bitten by mosquitoes.