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face_mask   Nourishing Face Mask

An essential nourishing treat for skin that is dull, stressed and damaged. KIRI® Nourishing Face Mask contains generous amounts of healing UMF® 16+ Manuka Honey and mineral rich Kaolin clay, helping to draw away impurities, and surface debris that block skin pores, while allowing the skin to absorb the nutrient rich qualities of the mask, leaving skin deeply hydrated and replenished.

Suitable for most skin types .

e 100ml/3.38 fl.oz 

Price: HK$220

lip_balm   Lip Balm

A natural moisturiser to soothe sore, dry lips. Used daily, lips will become soft, supple and very moisturised.

Contains sunscreen.

e 10mL/ 0.34 fl.oz 

Price: HK$75

face_moisturiser   Face Moisturiser

A lightly textured moisturizer, created using the finest ingredients including the healing UMF® Manuka Honey and soothing properties of Vitamin E, that will sink into your skin leaving it feeling rehydrated and nourished. Used daily this cream will leave your skin glowing with a healthy radiance. Perfect as a base under make-up.

Contains sunscreen.

e 70mL/ 2.4 fl.oz 

Price: HK$190

face_cleanser   Face Cleanser

Formulated to deeply cleanse your skin without drying or irritating. KIRI® Face Cleanser contains generous amounts of UMF 16+ Manuka Honey & Aloe Vera Gel, protecting your skin from dryness while allowing a deep cleanse of the skin, removing excess oil, pollutants & all traces of make up. Skin will feel smoother, softer & hydrated.

This product will safely & effectively remove eye make up.

e 100mL/ 3.38 fl.oz 

Price: HK$150

hand_cream   Hand Cream

Your hands will feel instantly moisturised, smooth and protected as soon as you apply this luxury hand cream. Non-greasy it instantly absorbs, as the natural healing properties of  UMF 16+ Manuka Honey and Vitamin E go to work.

Apply as required and feel the difference…

e 100mL/ 3.38 fl.oz 

Price: HK$120

night_cream   Night Cream

A rich nourishing cream that works overnight to repair and restore your skin’s natural moisture balance and aids in the repair of skin cells, which can help to prevent premature aging.

Use generously at night after cleansing, avoiding the eye area.

e 70mL/ 2.40 fl.oz 

Price: HK$220
shower_gel   Shower Gel

With the beautiful fragrance of golden honey, this cleansing gel lathers up to leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and intensely moisturised.

Like liquid honey, pour a generous amount onto your bath sponge and indulge...

e 250mL/ 8.45 fl.oz 

Price: HK$140

body_lotion   Body Lotion

A creamy intensive body moisturiser containing the natural healing properties of  UMF 16+ Manuka Honey and Sweet Almond Oil.

This divine moisturising treatment helps to seal in moisture, leaving skin smooth and totally hydrated.

e 250mL/ 8.45 fl.oz 

Price: HK$180