aquabalm_small   Aquabalm Spray

Aquabalm is a steroid-free and drug-free spray that is especially effective for treating eczema and other dry skin conditions. It was developed in Iceland by Professor Jón Bragi Bjarnason, Ph.D of the University of Iceland who has been engaged in enzyme research over the past 35 years. Aquabalm has been popular in Europe for a number of years and it is now available in Hong Kong.

Its natural, drug-free and steroid-free ingredients mean that Aquabalm can be used continuously and it also suitable for babies and the elderly. After two weeks of continuous application, eczema patients will notice significant improvement. Aquabalm can simply be sprayed on the hand and rubbed gently over the affected area. The product contains no greasy fats, oils or creams; does not mark clothing and contains no fragrances. It is highly recommended to apply Aquabalm continuously for two weeks in order to achieve the best results.