About Us


Ecobrands (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2007 as the distribution partner in Asia for Ecobrands UK.  It began selling ZapperClick®, a unique mosquito bite relief product into “Watsons The Chemist” chain store.

In June 2008, to broaden the product range, Mosquito Repellent Wipes, a wet tissue impregnated with mosquito repellent, was launched.

During December 2008, as a first step into the skin care market, AQUABALM®, was launched.  AQUABALM® is a revolutionary natural skin care product from Iceland for relieving eczema.  Made from the enzymes found in Atlantic Cod fish offal, its deep moisturizing and skin rejuvenation properties make it highly effective on eczema and dry skin.  AQUABALM®, became the top selling product for relieving eczema and was within the top 10 best selling items in “Watsons The Chemist” in May 2009.

To further strengthen its share of the skin care market, Ecobrands launched a range of high quality skin care products from New Zealand called KIRI® in December 2009.  The line of KIRI® Manuka Honey skin care products are made from edible Manuka Honey which is only found in certain parts of New Zealand.  Known for its anti-bacterial properties, Manuka Honey provides a deep moisturising effect to keep the skin soft and supple when used as an active ingredient in skin care.

Ecobrands continues to source and distribute health and skin care products from around the World that are unique in its use of natural ingredients and in their effectiveness in use.  We bring to our customers products that have been selling successfully in other parts of the World, and in so doing, it allows our customers to have a chance to see for themselves the wonderful benefits of our discoveries.